Monday, January 7, 2013

Just a Winter Break Post

Ahh Winter Break! First semester is over, grades are up, and you've eaten more cookies than Alice in Wonderland by now. If you're like me, that is, jobless and bored out of your wits during the day, at this point you may be asking yourself what the heck to do before you get back to Bryn Mawr.

Shakespeare Troupe has just the thing for you! You should read the plays we're doing next semester in preparation for


Which I am not announcing yet, sorry to disappoint you. BUT you already know the shows, and you know it is common courtesy and just plain smart to read the shows before you audition for us, so here's Twelfth Night, and go find The Women at your local library.

If you don't feel like reading right now but still want to be entertained by Shakespeare Troupe related stuffs, there are really great film versions of both plays out there. Ok, ok, I know She's the Man isn't technically a film version but it is the best movie ever and you are not cool until you have seen it.

Anyway, I'll be announcing auditions soon, probably right after break ends, so keep a look out on all of our various social media things. I'll basically bomb you with the information, as you know.

Happy reading/watching/barding/sleeping!


Bonus Not-really-KHep'28-but-my-favorite-actress-gif! We are a fine ~group~ of misfits. Damn fine.

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