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From the Old Blog: "Website under construction!"

So I’m working on this page. If there are things you would like to see on it, e-mail me at , or add yourself to the blog and post or make a comment to this post.

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From the Old Blog: "Directing FAQ"

Do I have to have experience directing?
Not at all! We do require that you’ve participated in two SPT shows so that we know that you have an understanding of how our shows are put together and what will be expected from you as a director. Other than that, all you need is to be enthusiastic, feel that you have a fresh take on a show, and are ready to put in the time and effort!
If you are a first time director, and a little unsure if you are up to the job alone, consider co-directing or assistant directing!

I want to direct! Now what?
SPT meetings occur more than just twice a year but there are two specific meetings where shows for the following year are decided. During one of these two meetings aspiring directors need to submit a proposal. Proposals are made a year prior to the proposed show dates. (For example, if you want to direct a show in the Spring of 2009, the proposal must be made at the Spring 2008 meeting.) Once all the proposals is submitted, the troupe as a whole votes on the shows that they want.
Also, take a look at the Director’s Bible. Not only does it give you insight to what past directors have done, but it will undoubtedly give you some tips and advice.

What is a Proposal?
The basic idea behind the proposal is to show the troupe that you’ve given some thought to your show. Below are some general proposal requirements. Remember: a lot of time in required to be a director. So if you plan on taking Intensive Japanese, Organic Chemistry, and that class at Swat during the semester you want to direct, you might want to rethink your plans.
– The show title and a brief summary.
– If the play isn’t by Shakespeare, who is the author? When was the play written? How does it fit the Troupe aesthetic?
– Cast size. How many parts do you have? How many actors are you planning to cast?
– Length of the show. Are you planning to cut the script? Have you done it yet? How long are you intending the show to run?
– Location. Where on campus would you like to perform? Is it going to be hard to reserve?
– What is your schedule looking like during the semester of the show?
– What do you plan to do with the show? What is your concept? Is there going to be intensive costuming? What is the budget looking like?
– Why do you want to direct?
You should probably have an answer to all of these questions. Also be ready to answer an other question asked by the troupe. The Proposal will be available for comment on the site, so keep your eyes peeled so as to be able to answer them as they appear.

What do I do if I’m JYA/semester off/not on campus?
It is a little bit more complicated, but completely doable. Just as if you were on campus, you must make a proposal to the troupe during one of the aforesaid meetings. While we are still working out the kinks of submitting a proposal during your JYA, here is what we have come up so far to make the smoothest proposal from afar possible:

The job of the proxy is to make your Proposal during the meeting. Perhaps the best person for the job is someone already connected to the show, such as your desired Stage Manager. Your proxy needs to be able to not only give your proposal, but also answer any questions that could arise.

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From the Old Blog: "Hamlet's Shorts, fall 2003"


Why I Won’t Play Hamlet Ever Again
Written by Sandeep Bhatnagar
Adapted by Tasneem Paghdiwala and Missie Tidwell

The Fifteen-Minute Hamlet
by Tom Stoppard

Music by Tori Amos
Choreographed by Molly Mulflur

Ophelia in the Garden
by Carmelo Militano

Hamlet: As Told on the Street
by Shel Silverstein

Horatio’s Philosophy
by R.S. Gwynn


Why I Won’t Play Hamlet Ever Again
Anonymous Narrator: Missie Tidwell

The Fifteen-Minute Hamlet
Shakespeare/Claudius/Polonius: Lilah Rahn-Lee
Fransisco/Osric/Fortinbras/Gravedigger/Ghost/Horatio: Kelly Brennan
Marcellus/Bernardo/Laertes/Horatio: Amna Shamin
Gertrude: Katie Rutledge
Hamlet: Elizabeth Hanson
Ophelia: Susan Willis

Dancers: Stephanie Speicher, Katie Kemezis

Ophelia in the Garden
Anonymous Narrator: Lilah Rahn-Lee

Hamlet: As Told on the Street
Narrator One: Lilah Rahn-Lee
Narrator Two: Jessie Payson
Ghost/Laertes: Aliza Greenburg
Hamlet: Elizabeth Hanson
Polonius/Horatio: Christiane Merrit
Ophelia: Susan Willis
Claudius: Julia Niedzwiecki
Gertrude: Katie Rutledge

Horatio’s Philosophy
Anonymous Narrator: voice of Missie Tidwell

Director: Missie Tidwell
Assistant Director: Chelsea Phillips

So many thanks to be given. Especially thanks to Diane Gibfried for all her work in t-shirt design and cookie making!! Also thanks to the audience for continuously supporting our small, but worthy, troupe!!

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From the Old Blog: "CWoWS Abriged, fall 2003"


The Comedies
Love’s Labour’s Lost
The Comedy of Errors
The Two Gentlemen of Verona
The Merchant of Venice
The Taming of the Shrew
The Merry Wives of Windsor
Much Ado About Nothing
As You Like It
Twelfth Night
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
All’s Well That Ends Well
Measure for Measure
The Winter’s Tale*
The Tempest*

*Sometimes classified as Romances, these plays are here counted among the Comedies due to their uneven poetic values, unbelievable plot lines, shallow characterizations, and juvenile themes. They are among the Bard’s greatest works.

The Tragedies
Titus Andronicus
Romeo and Juliet
Julius Caesar
Troilus and Cressida
King Lear
Antony and Cleopatra
Timon of Athens

The Histories
King John
King Richard II
King Henry IV Parts 1 & 2
King Henry V
King Richard III
King Henry VI Parts 1, 2 & 3
King Henry VIII


Romeo and Juliet
Narrator: Meg Reber
Benvolio/Tybalt: Emily Lipkin
Samson/Juliet: Emelin Gasparrini
The Prince/The Nurse: Julie Church
Romeo/Friar Laurence: Shannon Friday

Titus Andronicus
Titus: Chelsea Phillips
Lavinia: Julia Niedzwiecki
The Rapist: Piyali Bhattacharya

Othello/Rapper #1: Jeannie Ryan
Rapper #1: Sky Stegall
Rapper #3: Rosemary Malfi

The Comedies
Narrator #1: Piyali Bhattacharya
Narrator #2: Karyn Ruark
Narrator #3: Emily Lipkin

Narrator/MacDuff: Karyn Ruark
Witch: Sky Stegall
MacBeth: Meredith Bihl

Julius Caesar
Citizen: Rosemary Malfi
Julius Caesar: Shannon Friday
Soothsayer: Julie Church

Antony and Cleopatra/Troilus and Cressida/Two Noble Kinsmen
Antony/Scholar (herself): Elizabeth Hanson
Cleopatra/Herself: Emelin Gasparrini
Herself: Julia Niedzwiecki

The Histories
Commentator #1/Richard II: Julia Niedawiecki
Commentator #2: Elizabeth Hanson
King John: Meredith Bihl
Henry VI: Karyn Ruark
Commentator #3: Julie Church
Referee: Charlotte Rahn-Lee
King Lear: Jeannie Ryan
Cordelia: Shannon Friday
Prince Hal/Henry VIII: Chelsea Phillips
Richard III/Commentator #4: Emily Lipkin

Horatio/Polonius: Julie Church
Bernardo/Ophelia: Meredith Bihl
Hamlet: Charlotte Rahn-Lee
Ghost: Sky Stegall
King Claudius/Queen Gertrude: Chelsea Phillips
Laertes: Jeannie Ryan

Director: Meg Reber
Stage Crew: Eva DeAngelis, Sarah Martin, Courtney Moore

We would like to thank the following groups and people for their donations to and assistance in this production: The BMC Drama Dept., The UHS Music Dept., Martin Reber, Lindsay Gold, Helen Rehl, Geoff Wells, Mr. Deacon, Claudia Ginanni, Anna Blinn, Gwen Bihl, Katie Rutledge, BMC Public Safety

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From the Old Blog: "Love’s Fire, fall 2003"


by Marsha Norman
Inspired by Sonnet 140

Hydraulics Phat Like Mean
by Ntozake Shange
Inspired by Sonnet 128

Painting You
by William Finn
Inspired by Sonnet 102

The General of Hot Desire
by John Guare
Inspired by Sonnets 153 and 154, and by The Golden Legend by Jacobus de Voragine


: Becky Fullan
David: Lindsay Gold
Jackie: Crista Fuentes
Roland: Maddie von Baeyer
Roland’s New Lover: Elisha Colter
Roland’s Lover’s New Lover: Eden Childs
Roland’s New Lover’s Lover: Lilah Rahn-Lee

Hydraulics Phat Like Mean
Female Player
: Elizabeth Deacon
Male Player: Dana Bakalar

Painting You
: Crista Fuentes
Model: Chelsea Phillips (and Elizabeth Hanson)

The General of Hot Desire
: Nina Hagen
Michael: Meagan Hume
Cain: Becky Fullan
Sheba/Seth’s Child: Eden Childs
God: Lindsay Gold
Abel/King: Elizabeth Deacon
Adam/Solomon: Lilah Rahn-Lee
Eve: Elisha Colter
Seth’s Child: Maddie von Baeyer

Director: Amy Sullivan
Stage Crew: Eva DeAngelis, Sarah Martin, Courtney Moore
We would like to thank the following groups and people for their donations to and assistance in this production: The BMC Drama Dept., The UHS Music Dept., Martin Reber, Lindsay Gold, Helen Rehl, Geoff Wells, Mr. Deacon, Claudia Ginanni, Anna Blinn, Gwen Bihl, Katie Rutledge, BMC Public Safety

6th and 7th of November, 2003
English House Lecture Hall

8th of November, 2003
Erdman Living Room

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From the Old Blog: "Much Ado About Nothing, spring 2004"

Benedick: Elizabeth Hanson
Beatrice: Rebekah Baglini
Claudio: Lindsay Gold
Hero: Eden Childs
Don Pedro: Crista Fuentes
Don John: Jeannie Ryan
Borachio: Becky Fullan
Conrad: Charlotte Rahn-Lee
Dogberry: Chelsea Phillips
Verges: Julie Church
Leonato: Sky Stegall
Antonio: Maddie von Baeyer
Margaret: Emelin Gasparrini
Ursula: Holly Gaiman
Friar Frances: Charlotte Rahn-Lee
Balthasar: Gabriella Lee
Sexton: Julia Niedzwiecki

Director: Lilah Rahn-Lee
Assistant Director: Katie Rutledge
Stage Crew/Tech: Shannon Friday and Meg Reber
Title Design: Julia Niedzwiecki
Logo Design: Cherry Rahn
Publicity: Julia Niedzwiecki and Meg Reber

We would like to thank the following groups and people for their donations to and assistance in this production: Hiroshi Iwasaki & the BMC Drama Dept, the office of Conferences & Events, BMC Public Safety

14th, 15th, and 16th of April, 2004
Goodheart Music Room

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From the Old Blog: "The Importance of Being Earnest, fall 2004"

Algernon Moncreiff: Lilah Rahn-Lee
Lane: Holly Gaiman
Jack Worthing: Sky Stegall
Gwendolyn Fairfax: Chelsea Phillips
Lady Bracknell: Claire Reyner
Miss Prism: Amy Case
Cecily Cardew: Ana Calvert-Kilbane
Dr. Chasuble: Amanda Dougherty
Merriman: Elizabeth Pounds

Directors: Shannon Friday and Katie Rutledge
Stage Crew/Lighting: Julie Church, Sierra Jorgensen, Caitlin Cotter, Rachel Lavenda and Russel Taylor
Title Design: Julia Niedzwiecki
Logo Design: Cherry Rahn
Publicity: Julia Niedzwiecki and Chelsea Phillips

We would especially like to thank: Hiroshi Iwasaki and the BMC Drama Dept., Karyn Roark, Russell Taylor, Helene Studdy, Conferences and Events, SFC, BMC Public Safety, and HITT. Your support and assistance were invaluable.

4th, 5th, and 6th of November, 2004
Goodheart Music Room

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From the Old Blog: "Love's Labour's Lost, fall 2004"

Ferdinand, King of Navarre: Julia Niedzwiecki
Longaville: Katie Noice
Dumain: Charlotte Rahn-Lee
Berowne: Crista Fuentes
Dull/Mercade: Laurel Elliot
Costard: Emelin Gasparrini
Don Adriano de Armado: Amy Sullivan
Moth: Steph Masiello
Jaquenetta/Forester: Elisha Colter
Boyet: D. Sarzinski
Princess of France: Alex Solomon
Maria: Caitlin Cotter
Katherine: Rachel Lavenda
Rosaline: Lindsay Cunningham
Holofernes: Karyn Ruark
Sir Nathaniel: Christiane Merrit

Director: Julie Church
Assistant Director: Sierra Jorgensen
Bench Wench: Helen Whalen-Cohen
Graphic Design: Cherry Rahn
Special Thanks to: Hiroshi Iwasaki for providing light stands, space in which to paint, and a lot of patience. Shannon Friday for giving us rides, bringing us food, risking her life to bring us light, and being generally helpful! Meredith Bihl, Chelsea Phillips, Lilah Rahn-Lee, Brooklyn Poggioli, and everyone else who brought us entertainment, food, dramatic readings of romance novels, and happiness.

Thanks also to the audio-visual department for loaning us necessary equipment!


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From the Old Blog: "Othello, spring 2005"

Iago: Charlotte Rahn-Lee
Roderigo: Crista Fuentes
Brabantio: Shannon Friday
Othello: Lilah Rahn-Lee
Cassio: Elizabeth Hanson
Duke of Venice: Julia Niedzwiecki
1st Senator: Emelin Gasparrini
2nd Senator: Alex Solomon
Officer/Gratiano: Gillian Confair
Sailor/Clown: Holly Gaiman
Messenger: Sarah Pullos
Desdemona: Lindsay Gold
Montano: Amy Sullivan
Emilia: Chelsea Phillips
Herald: Sarah Pullos
Bianca: Sarah Caldwell
Lodovico: Sky Stegall
Gentlemen: Emelin Gasparrini, Gillian Confair, and Alex Solomon
Musicians: Ana Calvert-Kilbane, Emelin Gasparrini, and Alex Solomon

Director: Madelynn von Baeyer
Producer: Meg Reber
Costumes: Maggie Hoyt
Set Design: Elizabeth Hanson and Chelsea Phillips
Set Construction: Crista Fuentes, Chelsea Phillips, Charlotte Rahn-Lee, Lilah Rahn-Lee, Meg Reber, and Maddie von Baeyer
Lighting Design
: Elizabeth Hanson
Stage Crew/Tech: Caitlin Cotter, Cristiane Merritt, Meg Reber, and Penelope Stowe
Fencing Choreography: Caitlin Cotter
Title Design: Julia Niedzwiecki
Logo Design: Cherry Rahn
Publicity: Julia Niedwiecki, Lilah Rahn-Lee, Meg Reber

We would like to thank the following groups and people for their donations to and assistance in this production: Hiroshi Iwasaki & the BMC Drama Dept; the office of Conferences & Events; BMC Public Safety; Martin & Sandy Reber for all their help in construction of the bed.

14th, 15th, and 16th of April, 2005
Goodheart Music Room

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From the Old Blog: "As You Like It, fall 2005"

Orlando: Missie Tidwell
Rosalind: Elizabeth Hanson
Celia: Melanie Bruchet
Touchstone: Deborah Farrington
Jaques: Sarah Caldwell
Corin: Caitlin Cotter
Duke Senior: Katie Kent
Amiens/Hymen: Sarah Kemp
Silvius: Meredith Moore
Phebe: Ana Calvert-Kilbane
Oliver: Alex Solomon
Adam/Sir Oliver: Christiane Merritt
Duke Frederick: Alexa Yim
Audrey/ LeBeau: Sarah Pfanz
Dennis/Jaques deBoys/Lord 1/Page2: Ilana Vine
Charles/William/Lord2/Page1: Julie Mankin

Director: Julia Niedzwiecki
Lighting: Erina Donnelly
Bench Wench: Rebecca Buck

3rd, 4th, and 5th of November, 2005
Goodheart Music Room

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From the Old Blog: "Measure for Measure, fall 2005"

Duke Vincentio: Maddie von Baeyer
Angelo: Maria Semaan
Isabella: Alison Reingold
Escalus: Meg Reber
Lucio: Emelin Gasparrini
Provost: Rachel Lavenda
Claudio: Lindsay Gold
Julietta: Eden Childs
Mariana/Gentleman 2: Lindsay Cunningham
Pompey/Reporter: Brittany Pladek
Mistress Overdone/Barnadine: Elisha Colter
Elbow/Hooker 1 (Kate Keepdown): Adriana Link
Friar Thomas/Friar Peter/Hooker 2: Tamara Tomasic
Froth/Gentleman 1/Reporter: Karyn Ruark
Sister Francesca/Officer 1: Tara Vyas
Justice/Officer 2: Caroline Troein

Director: Shannon Friday
Stage Manager: Erina Donnelly
Costumes: Jessy Brody
Crew: Erina Donnelly and Kate Stein
Lights: Stephanie Migliori
Sound: Rebecca Buck
Program Design: Shannon Friday and Meg Reber
Logo Design: Cherry Rahn
Publicity: Shannon Friday and Julia Niedzwiecki

We would like to thank the following groups and people for their donations to and assistance in this production: Allan and Sheila Friday for the electric drills; the presidents, HAs, residents, and housekeeper of Erdman; Tom Reber for his invaluable help with constructing the set, and for taking photos; Martin Reber for filming the show; HITT/Hiroshi Iwasaki for the light stands and extra lights; Bryn Mawr Conferences & Events.

27th, 28th, and 29th of October, 2005
Erdman Living Room

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From the Old Blog: "A Midsummer Night's Dream, spring 2006"

Thesues: Elizabeth Hanson
Hippolyta: Lise Carpenter
Philostrate: Sky Stegall
Egeus: Julie Church
Hermia: Ana Calvert-Kilbane
Helena: Eden Childs
Lysander: Lindsay Gold
Demetrius: Lindsay Cunningham
Peter Quince: Shannon Friday
Nick Bottom: Meredith Bihl
Francis Flute: Mariah Pepper
Robin Starveling: Tamara Tomasic
Tom Snout: Maddie von Baeyer
Snug the Joiner: Deborah Farrington
Puck: Sky Stegall
First Fairy: Emelin Gasparrini
Oberon: Crista Fuentes
Titania: Caroline Troein
Peaseblossom: Elisha Colter
Cobweb: Karen Ruark
Moth: Hannah Schofield
Mustardseed: Julia Niedzwiecki

Directors: Meg Reber and Rachel Lavenda
Stage Manager: Erina Donnelly
Costumes: Meredith Bihl and Sky Stegall
Makeup: Anna Mazzariello
Masks: Flora Shepherd
Set Construction: Erina Donnelly and Sky Stegall
Crew: Kate Stein
Publicity & Printing: Ilana Vine
Program Design: Meg Reber and Rachel Lavenda
Logo Design: Cherry Rahn

20th, 21st, and 22nd of April, 2006
The Sunken Garden

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From the Old Blog: "The Taming of the Shrew, fall 2006"

Katharina: Eden Childs
Petruchio: Sky Stegall
Lucentio: Lindsay Cunningham
Bianca: Caroline Troein
Tranio: Sarah Pfanz
Hortensio: Maria Semaan
Gremio: Lauren Faber
Baptista: Leah Kane-Risman
Grumio: Deborah Farrington
Biondello: Amanda Darby
Christopher Sly: Katie Sovonick
Vincentio/Curtis: Leah Blankenship
Pedant/First Servant: Hannah Schofield
Hostess/Tailor: Allison Elkin
Widow/Haberdasher: Mary Kathryn Dean
Lord/Nathaniel: Bethany Giblin
Page: Sarah Delphey
Philip/Second Servant: Laura Kelly-Bowditch

Directors: Elisha Colter and Ada Link
Stage Manager: Rebecca Buck
Assistant Stage Manager: Eva DeAngelis
Build Crew: Erina Donnelly, Hillary Cleveland, Megan Gallagher, Kate Schilling
Light Operator: Eva DeAngelis
Sound Operator: Kate Schilling
Run Crew: Hillary Cleveland, Amy Veprauskas
Green Room: Erina Donnelly
Costumer: Molly Parzen
Ushers: Juliana Magnifico, Ariane Briski, Amanda Dougherty, Hannah Laue, Courtney Malpass, Andrea Milne
Publicity Design: Elisha Colter

3rd, 4th & 5th of November, 2006
Erdman Living Room

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From the Old Blog: "The Tragedy of King Richard III, fall 2006"

Richard III: Elizabeth Shaw
Clarence/Messenger 2: Michelle Crepeau
Brackenbury: Rebecca Findlay
Hastings: Lise Carpenter
Lady Anne: Ilana Vine
1st Murderer/York: Mariel Stein
2nd Murderer/Richmond: Tamara Tomasic
Queen Elizabeth: Gillian Confair
Rivers/Messenger 1: Simone Shane
Queen Margaret: Sarah Caldwell
King Edward IV/Messenger 4: Stephanie Migliori
Buckingham: Lindsay Gold
Stanley: Christiane Merritt
Dorset: Alison Reingold
Duchess of York: Caitlin Cotter
Catesby: Heather Phelan
Lord Mayor/Blunt: Arielle Seidman
Ratcliff: Jenyae Jones
Prince Edward/Messenger 3: Random Rector
Tyrrell: Lilian Mengesha

Directors: Emelin Gasparrini and Crista Fuentes
Stage Manager: Erina Donnelly
Assistant Stage Manager: Kate Stein
Run Crew: Allison Elkin, Rachel Goddard
Green Room: Rebecca Buck
Build Crew: Hillary Cleveland, Megan Gallagher
Publicity & Printing: Emelin Gasparrini
Program Design: Crista Fuentes
Logo Design: Cherry Rahn

30th of November, 1st & 2nd of December, 2006
Erdman Living Room

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From the Old Blog: "A Servant of Two Masters spring 2007"

Truffaldino: Mari Stein
Smeraldina: Melanie Bruchet
Beatrice: Crista Fuentes
Florindo: Maria Semaan
Silvio: Sarah Kemp
Clarice: Allison Elkin
Pantalone: Leah Kane-Risman
Dr. Lombardi: Ana Milazzo
Brighella: Tsega Gebreyesus
Porter: Louisa Amsterdam
Pandora: Michelle Gauthier
Nora: Mary Kathryn Dean

Director: Alex Solomon
Stage Manager: Rebecca Buck
Assistant Stage Managers: Amy Veprauskas and Hillary Cleveland
Run Crew: Jill Barndt
Build Crew: Jessica Websterlove
Green Room: Erina Donnelly
House Manager: Rebecca Findlay

26th, 27th, 28th of April, 2007
Erdman Living Room

From the Old Blog: "The Winter’s Tale spring 2007"

Leontes: Deborah Farrington
Polixenes: Caitlin Cotter
Hermione: Ilana Vine
Camillo: Christiane Merritt
Paulina: Lise Carpenter
Old Shepard/First Attendant: Katie Noice
Clown/Officer of the Court: Caitlin Evans
Autolycus/Time: Emelin Gasparrini
Antigonus/1st Gentleman/Shepard Party: Ada Link
Cleomenes/Mopsa/2nd Gentleman: Shanna Fricklas
Florizel/Guard 2: Elise Marraro
Perdita/Mamillius: Arielle Seidman
Emilia/Servant to Shepard: Stephanie Migliori
Keeper/A Mariner/Shepard Party: Random Rector
First Lord/Shepard Party: Michelle Crepeau

Director: Meredith Moore
Stage Manager: Erina Donnelly
Assistant Stage Manager: Kate Stein
Production Assistant: Rachel Goddard
House Manager: McCurdy Miller
Costume Design: Sarah Pfanz
Publicity: Meredith Moore
Programs: Erina Donnelly, Ilana Vine
Cover Design: Meredith Moore

19th, 20th, and 21st of April, 2007
Goodheart Music Room

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From the Old Blog: "Romeo and Juliet fall 2007"

Romeo: Lilly Amirhekmat
Juliet: Nicole Yulo
Nurse: Leah Kane Risman
Friar Laurence: Lise Carpenter
Sampson: Katie Noice
Benvolio/Balthasar: Kathy Dilliplane
Mercutio/Guard 1: Jennifer Cook
Lord Capulet: Hannah Newman
Lady Capulet: Allison Keefe
Paris/Gregory: Hannah Schofield
Tybalt/Apothecary: Madison Houff
Lord Montague: Chaya Coppersmith
Lady Montague/Guard 2/Capulet 1: Jessica Doan
Prince/Capulet 2: Elise Marraro
Abram/Page/Attendant/Friar John: Jillian Barndt

Director: Caitlin Cotter
Stage Manager: Hillary Cleveland and Amy Veprauskas
House Manager: McCurdy Miller
Costume Design: Alice Bryson, Deborah Farrington
Publicity/Programs: Caitlin Cotter

29th, 30th, and 31st of December, 2007
Goodhart Music Room

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From the Old Blog: "Twelfth Night, spring 2008"


Viola: Madi Houff
Olivia: Elise Mararro
Maria: Alex Solomon
Orsino: Leah Kane-Risman
Sebastian: Louisa Amsterdam
Antonio: Michelle Crepeau
Sir Toby Belch: Ada Link
Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Julia Keith
Feste: Nicole Yulo
Malvolio: Caitlin Evans
Fabian: Kathy Dilliplane
Curio/Priest: Jillian Barndt
Valentine/Officer: Hannah Slavitt
Sea Captain/Officer: Emma Wisniewski-Barker

Directors: Arielle Seidman and Mari Stein
Stage Manager: Rachel Goddard
Assistant Stage Manager: Kate Kolbell

24, 25, and 26th of April, 2008
The Campus Center

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From the Old Blog: "The Merchant of Venice, fall 2007"

Duke of Venice: Stephanie Migliori
Prince of Morocco: Becky Findlay
Prince of Arragon: Meredith Moore
Antonio: Jenyae Jones
Bassanio: Caitlin Evans
Graziano: Julia Keith
Lorenzo: Audra Fannon
Salerio: Lindsay Cunningham
Solanio: Arielle Seidman
Portia: Deborah Farrington
Nerissa: Sophia Pacanowsky
Shylock: Tamara Tomasic
Jessica: Ilana Vine
Tubal: MaryKathryn Dean
Launcelot Gobo: Sarah Pfanz
Old Gobbo: Allison Elkin
Balthazar/Stefano/Servant/Leonardo: Hannah Slavitt

Director: Rachel Lavenda
Stage Manager: Erina Donnelly
Assistant Stage Manager: Megan Smith
Props Mistress: Rachel Goddard
House Manager: McCurdy Miller
Publicity: Becky Findlay
Programs: Rachel Lavenda and Ilana Vine

1st, 2nd, and 3rd of November, 2007
Erdman Living Room


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From the Old Blog: "logo"

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From the Old Blog: "The Cenci, spring 2008"


Count Cenci: Tamara Tomasic
Beatrice: Jennifer Cook
Lucretia: Jessamine Kelley
Orsino:Caitlin Cotter
Giacomo: Becky Findlay
Camillo: Ana Milazzo
Bernardo: Jessica Doan
Savella: Judy Barr
Andrea: Danielle DiCiero
Marzio: Alli Elkin
Colonna/Officer: Meredith Moore
Cardinal/Guard: Lise Chlebak
Judge: Samantha Pious
Olimpio/Guest/Guard: Elizabeth Meravi


Directors: Deborah Farrington and Ilana Vine
Stage Manager: Hillary Cleveland
Assistant Stage Manager: Erina Donnelly
House Manager: McCurdy Miller

17th, 18th, and 19th of April, 2008
Erdman Living Room

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From the Old Blog: "Videos"

Hope to have some SPT videos up soon!

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From the Old Blog: "FAQ"

Never fear! As a completely student run organization, we need students to be a part of all aspects of a production! That means we are always in need of: stage managers, costumers, lighting and sound, run crew, house managers, ushers, publicity/programs, and more.
Auditions are held at the beginning of every semester. There is no fixed date for auditions, so you need to keep your eyes peeled for flyers, e-mails, and the like. Being cast one semester does not guarantee you a part the following semester.
It’s really easy! Generally auditions run for three evenings and advanced sign up isn’t required. All you need to do is show up, fill out an audition form, and read one monologue and one dialogue. You don’t even have to bring a partner and you don’t have to memorize anything.
Additional instructions will be provided at the auditions.
To be eligible to direct, you need to have been involved in at least two Troupe shows. For more information about directing click here.
Post on the blog! We will try to answer as quickly as possible.

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From the Old Blog: "History"

coming soon

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From the Old Blog: "just fidgeting"

just messing around to see what i can do with this software. dododo.

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From the Old Blog: "About"

Bryn Mawr’s Shakespeare Performance Troupe is a student run and organized theater troupe devoted to the Bard and his contemporaries. Shakespeare Performance Troupe (commonly known as SPT) puts on either one or two shows a semester.

The SPT Bible:


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