Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Post for Posting / Renaissance Faire Adverts / Reactiongifs

Well obviously nothing much has been happening that I can tell you about. This is just a post for the sake of posting, I suppos...t.

I've been slowly collecting and editing video for our YouTube channel (some curtain calls, and maybe some clips of a show from a couple years ago). I've made a few mock audition posters and even a mock show poster for Comedy of Errors. It is mostly just me brushing up my Photoshop skillz and messing around, but hey, it is something. Maybe I'll make lots and we can all vote on them or something.

I did go to the Bristol Renaissance Faire this weekend. It was a blast, and really got me in the mood to write in the SPT blog. If you have a Renaissance Faire in your area or somewhere you are comfortable driving to, I highly suggest it. I mean, I go every year so of course I suggest it.

This weekend was ... a little different.

MFW Someone told me it was "Steampunk Invasion" weekend at the Faire: