Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Elected Officials for 2013-2014 Are...

Co-coordinators: Sarah Gilmour and Angela Rosenberg
Secretary: Simon Williams

Social Activities Head: Alex Mannix
Storage Head: Lindsey Foster
Publicity Head: Kayla Bondi

This is really shaping up to be a great year with lots of positive changes and improvements to be had. If there was ever a year to join SPT, this one is it. If you have any questions regarding the Troupe they can be directed to Sarah and Angela!


PS: This reminds me I'm looking for an apprentice Publicity Head because I can't keep updating this blog and making the posters after I graduate so (kbondi@brynmawr.edu). Adobe Suite experience required, at least Photoshop, must be willing to bring me a donut.

The 2013-2014 Season Is....

Fall 2013
Julius Caesar

  • Directed by Abby Burlingame (aburlingame@brynmawr.edu)
  • Stage Managed by Lindsay Foster (lcfoster@brynmawr.edu)
  • Awesome

Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2

  • Directed by Rebecca Cook (rmcook@brynmawr.edu)
  • Also awesome

Spring 2014

As You Like It

  • Directed by Jess Nahigian (jnahigian@brynmawr.edu)
  • Awesome as well
It's looking like all Shakespeare, all the time for next year, and you better be excited. If you want to act in these shows, hold on to your butts until audition materials come out in late August. If you want to tech (which includes SM, ASM, costumes, makeup, building, fanning the directors, assistant directors, whatever you're good at, etc) please email any or all of the directors above for more information, and turn in a techie sheet during auditions in September.

Oh man I am so pumped to make the audition posters for the Fall. I'm thinking lots of blood? Maybe some glitter? Bow ties? Wait sorry I was describing my weekend. I'm obviously working too hard.

Have fun reading the plays over the summer because that is a thing you should do. I did it and I'm not even auditioning! Seriously, everyone's doing it. It's hot. Read the plays they're all online.