Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gotta Get Back To Bryn Mawr

... where everything is magi-cool!

(If you don't know what A Very Potter Musical is, I highly suggest you learn)

Welp, my summer is officially over. I know most of you have a few more days left but I'm going to be actually at Bryn Mawr in about three hours. Thank god these trains have wi-fi nowadays.

Being back at Bryn Mawr means lots of exciting things for Shakespeare Troupe as well, including 


I expect you all to be there to do very exciting things like edit our Bible again and talk about Comedy of Errors and probably eat food, because heck, this is Bryn Mawr we're talking about.

WHEN: 8pm on Thursday the 13th
WHERE: Probably Taylor

One of our Co-co's says there will be a SPECIAL SURPRISE for all in attendance. Awwww yisssss special surprises.

Anyway if you find yourself at the Mawr before everyone else gets there, I will be there too, and I will probably see you. Until then, SPT'ers!