Thursday, May 9, 2013

End of the Year Sads

Well, damn. The year is over and all you have to look forward to is a butt load of either nothing or a job, neither of which involve your favorite thing, Shakespeare Performance Troupe.

Lucky for you, I am in the category of having a butt load of absolutely nothing to do, so I'll hopefully be updating the blog and our various other social media outlets constantly with news about the plays for next year, my summer, my life in general, etc. Things that are really important to know if you are in SPT or want to be in SPT.

This post is really to honor our SPT seniors. We're going to miss you guys so much. I know I speak for all of the juniors when I say that you have all been staples in our college experience and when you leave, our papers are going to just go flying everywhere.

the papers represent my life
In any case, we're really going to miss you and we promise SPT will continue to thrive thanks to your leadership and love that you left us with. We love you!

On a not so sad note, keep a lookout for posts about next year's season, next year's leadership, and how bored I am! This will be the last post until after finals are over. Good luck everyone!