Monday, August 31, 2009

From the Old Blog: "School for Scandal Photos"

From the Old Blog: "Two Noble Kinsmen, spring 2009"

Information will be posted soon! (as soon as I have a copy of the play bill with me!)

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From the Old Blog: "The Scottish Play, fall 2008"

Directed by Ada Link
Assistant Director/Dramaturge: Hannah Schofield
Stage Manager: Hillary Cleveland
Assitant Stage Managers: Olivia Coplan and Sarah Glaser
Choreography: Kate Tomaskovic
Costumes: Rachel Townsend

Ana Milazzo as Macbeth
Becky Findlay as Lady Macbeth
Zoe Canin as Macduff
Jessica Doan as Banquo/Seyton
Steph Migliori as Duncan/Siward
Madi Houff as Malcolm/1st Murderer
Rachel Lubitz as Donalbain/2nd Murderer/Caithness
Judy Barr as Ross/Lennox
Elizabeth Meravi as Angus/Old Man
Nic Yulo as Lady Macduff/Hecate/Gentlewoman
Tiina Blum as Fleance/Son of Macduff
Chaya Coppersmith as Porter/Doctor
Nina Field as Mentieth/Lord/3rd Murderer
Isabel Holmes as Young Siward/Messenger
and Jennifer Cook, Allison Keefe, and Catherine Kreamer as the Weird Sisters

Performances: Thursday November 6, Friday November 7, and Saturday November 8, 2008, fall 2008 at 8:00 pm in the Erdman Living Room

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From the Old Blog: "Fall 2009!"

SPT will be putting on Shakespeare’s Hamlet this semester. Auditions are tentatively going to be held September 4th, 5th, and 6th in Rhoads Quiet Study. Rhoads Quiet Study is in the basement of Rhoads dorm and is handicaped accesable by an elavator.
This show is being directed by Michelle Crepeau and Relle Seidman. The Tech Director will be Hillary Cleveland. The Stage Manager will be Rachel Goddard.
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Monday, August 3, 2009

From the Old Blog: "School for Scandal, fall 2008"

Maria: Sofia Wolfenden
Rowley: Louisa Amsterdam
Oliver Surface: Kathy Dilliplane
Lady Teazle: Nga Nguyen
Charles Surface: Audra Fannon
Sir Peter: Deborah Farrington
Snake/Gent. 1/Maid: Charles Hersh
Mrs. Candour/Careless: Allyson Bunch
Benjamen Backbite/Harry Bumper: Margret Murphy
Crabtree/Trip: MK Dean
Moses/Maid: Arielle Siedman
Joseph Surface: Sarah Pfanz
Lady Sneerwell: Lea KaneRisman

Director: Caitlin Evans
Assistant Director: Michelle Crepeau
Stage Manager: Rachel Goddard
Assistant Stage Managers: Kate Kobelle and …

Play was put on Fall 08 in Erdman Lounge


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