Monday, August 3, 2009

From the Old Blog: "School for Scandal, fall 2008"

Maria: Sofia Wolfenden
Rowley: Louisa Amsterdam
Oliver Surface: Kathy Dilliplane
Lady Teazle: Nga Nguyen
Charles Surface: Audra Fannon
Sir Peter: Deborah Farrington
Snake/Gent. 1/Maid: Charles Hersh
Mrs. Candour/Careless: Allyson Bunch
Benjamen Backbite/Harry Bumper: Margret Murphy
Crabtree/Trip: MK Dean
Moses/Maid: Arielle Siedman
Joseph Surface: Sarah Pfanz
Lady Sneerwell: Lea KaneRisman

Director: Caitlin Evans
Assistant Director: Michelle Crepeau
Stage Manager: Rachel Goddard
Assistant Stage Managers: Kate Kobelle and …

Play was put on Fall 08 in Erdman Lounge


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