Saturday, January 31, 2009

From the Old Blog: "The Tragedy of King Richard III, fall 2006"

Richard III: Elizabeth Shaw
Clarence/Messenger 2: Michelle Crepeau
Brackenbury: Rebecca Findlay
Hastings: Lise Carpenter
Lady Anne: Ilana Vine
1st Murderer/York: Mariel Stein
2nd Murderer/Richmond: Tamara Tomasic
Queen Elizabeth: Gillian Confair
Rivers/Messenger 1: Simone Shane
Queen Margaret: Sarah Caldwell
King Edward IV/Messenger 4: Stephanie Migliori
Buckingham: Lindsay Gold
Stanley: Christiane Merritt
Dorset: Alison Reingold
Duchess of York: Caitlin Cotter
Catesby: Heather Phelan
Lord Mayor/Blunt: Arielle Seidman
Ratcliff: Jenyae Jones
Prince Edward/Messenger 3: Random Rector
Tyrrell: Lilian Mengesha

Directors: Emelin Gasparrini and Crista Fuentes
Stage Manager: Erina Donnelly
Assistant Stage Manager: Kate Stein
Run Crew: Allison Elkin, Rachel Goddard
Green Room: Rebecca Buck
Build Crew: Hillary Cleveland, Megan Gallagher
Publicity & Printing: Emelin Gasparrini
Program Design: Crista Fuentes
Logo Design: Cherry Rahn

30th of November, 1st & 2nd of December, 2006
Erdman Living Room

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