Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Post You've Been Waiting For...

Next year's shows!
Sorry it has taken so long, we just needed to get a few things confirmed. Here they are!

In Fall 2012, we'll be performing

The Comedy of Errors
Directed by Jennifer L.
Stage Manager: Maddy Austin
Assistant Stage Manager: Anu Goedhart

In Spring 2013, we'll be performing

Twelfth Night
Directed by Emily Williams
Assistant Directed by Raminta Holden

The Women by Clare Boothe Luce
Directed by Sarah Gilmour

Luckily all of these shows have movie adaptations/parodies that you can spend some quality time watching while you wait for the exciting school year to begin. Some are better than others. This of course go without saying, but we here at SPT always always advise that you read the plays before auditioning or even doing crew, so you can do that too. I'll post the edited scripts over in a link in the doobly-doo to the right (labeled Online Scripts) when I get them.

I'll also post the audition pieces for tCoE when I get them, probably sometime in the middle of August before we head back to school. So sit tight for that.

There's also something brewing in the distance of SPT... a new endeavor that could possibly be a thing in Fall 2012. Those of you in SPT have heard a couple things about it (or lots of things if you've seen me at a party). But I'm not going to talk about that until it is official. Or until a Co-co (short for Co-Coordinator for all you n00bs) tells me I'm allowed, basically.

Anyway I'll just leave you in suspense while you wait for scripts, audition materials, secret things, updates on pre-production for the upcoming season, and more, throughout the summer.


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