William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, fall 2015

Luke Skywalker: Kate Mulligan
Princess Leia: Lindsey Foster
Han Solo: Celeste Gambino
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Elinor De La Torre
Darth Vader: Tess McCabe
R2-D2: Sam Kacir
C-3PO: Ming Lee
Governor Grand Moff Tarkin: Veronica Benson-Moore
Chorus (George Lucas): Jessica Breet
Chorus (J.J. Abrams): Carolyn Cannizzaro
Chewbacca: Ellen Wright
Uncle Owen/Biggs: Annie Belgam
Admiral Motti/General Dodonna: Lydia Brunk
Aunt Beru/Being 1/Ensemble: Elizabeth Yost
Commander Tagge/Red Lead: Lyra Piscitelli
Gold Lead/Officer/Ensemble: Kate Hawthorne
Stormtrooper/Ensemble: Juhi Aggarwal
Stormtrooper/Ensemble: Mimi Loughlin
Wedge Antilles/Greedo/Ensemble: Charis Nandor

Director: Abby Burlingame
Stage Manager: Christina Pellegrino

Special Thanks to Abby Burlingame & Aly Robins, SPT Co-Coordinators; the Bi-Co Theatre Program, for lighting equipment; Veronica Benson-Moore, for playbill & publicity; Sam Wall, for lighting and tech; Rebecca Kaplan, for tech; Libby Wilson & Marian Bechtel, for Manshop; the residents & DLT of Erdman for their gracious hospitality; and Lucasfilm, for not suing us (yet).

22, 23, & 24 October 2015
Erdman Common Room
Posted by: Veronica

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