Macbeth, fall 2014

Macbeth: Abby Burlingame
Lady Macbeth: Alison Robins
Malcolm: Libby Wilson
Macduff: Marian Bechtel
Ross: Angela Rosenberg
Banquo: Nicole Paff
King Duncan/Doctor: Emmett Binkowski
Lennox/Knocker #1: Elinor De La Torre
Witches: Rachel Hampton, Sam Muzzi, & Isabel Silverstein
Porter/Seyton: Sam Kacir
Siward/Sergeant/Attendant: Paige Weber
Lady Macduff/Gentlewoman: Jessica Sambrailo
Angus (Macduff’s son): Annie Belgam
Caithness/Lord: Ananya Kumar
Messenger/Servant: Jordan Prewitt
Menteith/Fleance/Apparition: Kristiana Marcopoulos
Donalbain/Young Siward: Dixie Ouellette

Director: Claire Romaine
Assistant Director: Kate Mulligan
Stage Manager: Kas Kittredge
Assistant Stage Manager: Abby Ackerman
Lights & Sound: Marcia Manzone

Special Thanks to Eileen Morgan, Mary Biggs, Ilana Mittleman, Kirsten Mullen, and Elinor Haney for costuming; Dixie Ouellette for makeup and costumes; Christina Ulowetz for makeup; Allison Adams, Christina Pellegrino, and Lyntana Brougham for technical crew; Sam Wall, Sally Little, and Emily Ludwick for lighting; Sam Muzzi for playbill and poster design; and the Residents and DLT of Rhoads for use of their dorm.

6, 7, & 8 November, 2014
Rhoads Old Dining Hall

Posted by: Veronica Benson-Moore

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