Julius Caesar, fall 2013

Brutus: Sarah Gilmour
Cassius: Christina Stella
Marc Antony: Angela Rosenberg
Caesar: Airen McClure
Casca/First Soldier: Sarah Ames
Portia: Alex Mannix
Octavius/Artemidorus/Cobbler: Ming Lee
Decius Brutus/Flavius/Lucilius: Alison Robins
Messala/Popilius/Carpenter: Simon Williams
Lucius/First Plebian: Emily Crispino
Marullus/Metellus Cimber/Cato: Marisa Arellano
Titinius/Cinna the Senator/Cinna the Poet: Tess McCabe
Calpurnia/Second Plebian/Second Soldier: Sarah O’Connell
Soothsayer: Raminta Holden
Pindarus/Trebonius/Third Plebian: Sam Muzzi
Cicero/ Fourth Plebian/Dardonus: Jane Rossman
Volumnious/Plebian/Caesar Servant/Antony Servant: Sam Kacir

Director: Abby Burlingame
Stage Manager: Lindsey Foster
Assistant Stage Manager: Ally Navolio
Stage Hands: Austin Cheney & Lyntana Brougham
Green Room Techs: Ilana Mittleman & Kassie Kittredge
Tech Assistant: Sam Wall
Special Thanks to Kt Roland for the generous use of her car; Anu Goedhart, Kayla Bondi, and Katherine Littrell for help with production and performing; Erin Penney for storage use; Professor Katherine Rowe for consulting on our script; Farah Al-Yaqout for filming; Amy Radbill and the Theater Department; and The Residents & DLT of Erdman for being such gracious hosts.

31 October, 1 & 2 November, 2013
Erdman Common Room

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