A Doll’s House, fall 2014

Nora Helmer: Elizabeth-Anne Newberry
Torvald Helmer: Tess McCabe
Mrs. Kristine Linde: Lindsey Foster
Nils Krogstad: Jessica Breet
Dr. Rank: Jess Nahigian
Anne (nursemaid): Michelle Neuburger
Helen (housemaid): Wendy Humphreys
Bob Helmer: Christina Pellegrino
Ivar Helmer: Kirsten Mullen

Director: Sarah O’Connell
Assistant Director: Veronica Benson-Moore
Stage Manager: Sam Wall

Special Thanks to: Angela Rosenberg & Abby Burlingame, SPT Co-Coordinators; Katie Izes for poster design; Elizabeth Anne Newberry & the Newberry Family for costumes & props; Lindsey Foster for costumes & tech;  Catherine & Michael O'Connell for tech & transportation; Ilana Mittleman for costuming; the Bi-Co Theatre Department for props; Mary Biggs for Manshop & tech; Libby Wilson and Marian Bechtel for Manshop; Kathryn Diamant & Steffi Feldman for bouncing; Rebecca Cook for photography; Angela Rosenberg for tech & videography; Elinor Haney and Narumi Uehara for makeup & hair; Kas Kittredge for supplies & tech; Aly Robins for lights & tech;  and the residents & DLT of Rhoads, for their gracious hospitality.

23, 24, & 25 October, 2014
Rhoads Old Dining Hall

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